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Degerberg Academy's Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing as it is known in the West, is the art of eight limbs. Various punches, elbows, knee and kick techniques are used in combination in attempts to wear down and knock out an opponent or attacker.

In Thailand, Muay Thai is the national sport equivalent to baseball or basketball in the US or soccer in parts of Europe and South Central America. It is an ancient martial art deeply rooted in the tradition and history of Southeast Asia. More recently, Muay Thai is often mentioned as one of the fighting styles that MMA fighters incroporate in their training because of the knock-out power that the strikes possess.

Beginner Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes

Although some consider Muay Thai a brutal sport, our classes are geared toward safety with emphasis on learning basic techniques, drilling with proper form and getting a great cardio workout. All levels are welcome in this non-intimidating Muay Thai environment.