Savate is known as "La Boxe Francaise". It is a French style of weaponless hand and foot fighting which is related to specialties of the Asian martial arts. Whether you're looking to get in shape or eventually want to compete, Degerberg Academy's Savate classes will better your kicking techniques, improve your punch-kick combinations and increase your control while you up your cardio.

Kali Silat

The Filipino Martial Arts are some of the most street-smart, battle-worthy, and intricately graceful systems in the world today. Degerberg Academy's Kali has developed throughout history on terrain that was both prized for its natural resources and varied in its need for adaptability, these arts have evolved to modern times with multitudes of practitioners all over the world.

Warring tribes and constant threat of invasion, as well as colonial occupation have honed the Filipino Martial Arts to a high level of effectiveness. The Kali systems are commonly taught with rattan sticks but also often include soft weapons such as sarongs and many types of blades. The Kali techniques range from empty hand striking, to locks and take-downs

Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do

Jun Fan is a truly modern art founded by the legendary Bruce Lee and designed with scientific organization. Although the approach is scientifically-minded, the results are simple, efficient and direct as the theory plays out. Degerberg Academy's Jun Fan art teaches concepts, forms, wooden dummy manipulation, empty hand, pad work, partner drilling and sparring application. Jun Fan is ideal for developing speed and appropriate martial reaction to an attacker.

Jun Fan trains attributes such as trapping speed and accuracy as well as sensitivity in flow drills known as Chi Sao. As such, it is very adaptable to any martial artists repertoire. DAMA and its own legendary founder, Master Fred Degerberg, have had many opportunities to share along with those who practice Jun Fan in pure form and with those who practice Jun Fan in mix with other arts.