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Kickbox Your Way To Better Health With Muay Thai!

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A Brief History

Muay Thai is frequently referred to as the “art of eight limbs” based on the allowance of using shins, elbows, knees, and hands to defeat an opponent. This is unlike the usual two to four points of contact that are typically used in other arts. This popular method of kickboxing was procured from Thailand and remains a dominant practice today.

Aside from the effortless application of the art across various other martial arts practices, this form of kickboxing is especially popular due to the admittance of clinch work. Clinch Work contains several techniques like underhooks, pinch gripping, and trapping that can be used to quickly overpower a challenger.

8 Benefits of Practicing Muay Thai

Now you that you know a little bit about Muay Thai’s origin and fighting styles, did you know that there are also a ton of mental and physical advantages of practicing this martial art? Listed below are the primary benefits that Muay Thai offers!

  1. Increased Cardiovascular Conditioning - This breaks down into two components of exercise: Aerobic- using the heart to deliver oxygen to the muscles you’re using to perform the exercise; and Anaerobic- exercise that induces rapid loss of breath- like sprinting. Both of these forms of exercise allow the heart to maintain enough oxygen for the duration of the training, building endurance over time.

  2. Weight loss - Because of the high energy level of training in Muay Thai, you’ll begin shredding pounds and even adding muscle tone.

  3. Increased Leg Strength - Performing kicking and footwork drills are a staple in Muay Thai that have the leg muscles continuously being utilized which causes a gain in muscle mass.

  4. Increased Core Strength - Repeated pivoting from practicing clinching drills, defending attacks against an opponent, and striking create a solid core.

  5. Sharper Focus - Remaining highly alert during a match in order to anticipate and then block your challengers moves teaches one to always be prepared for the task at hand, no matter what it may be.

  6. Stress release - By engaging in activities outside of the daily grind, you’ll be able to truly discharge all of the days tension in an enjoyable and healthy way.

  7. Self-Defense - The different techniques you’ll learn will teach you how to protect yourself against an attack, which can also boost confidence in knowing that you’re able to safeguard yourself and your loved ones should an intrusion occur.

  8. Discipline - You must show up on time, be prepared for class, and give your training everything you have everyday in order to reap the benefits of this martial art!

With Muay Thai, the Power is Yours!

Muay Thai is an art that will teach you to believe in yourself. It will give you the opportunity to improve your technique, strengthen your mind and body, and give you the confidence to know that you ARE in control of your life! Okay, you’ve been given the tools; now join a class! You’ll be surprised by all of the things you learn while studying Muay Thai.

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