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Pre Martial Arts Energy Via Toast!

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Are you on the run between work, picking up the kids and getting to your martial arts class? It can be hard to fit in an energy packed meal when you’re constantly traveling between activities, especially if you don’t have time to stop at the grocery store to pick up ingredients for fresh meals! Did you know that you can get all of the energy and protein you need for that quick boost before class from quick and unique toast recipes that uses ingredients that you can prepare ahead and keep on hand? We’ll list a few options below so that you can start digging into these delicious and nutritious snack ideas!

Quick Tip: If your family doesn’t go through bread quickly you can pre slice fresh bread and then freeze the whole loaf in a plastic bag. Grab a slice or two when you need it, pop it in the toaster for a quick defrost, or let it rest on the counter for 20 minutes and you’re frozen bread will be back to its fresh state in no time! Forget half wasted loaves, you’ll always have bread on hand and you’ll never have to check for mold again!

Sweet and Cheesy: For a French spin on a quick pre-workout toast slice up some brie, (Trader Joe’s carries mini brie bites that are delicious and easy to smoothe over a slice of bread), then top the brie with sliced apple and a dash of cinnamon. The warm, toasted bread will soften up the cheese and the apples will add a delicious crunch! You can make this recipe using classic whole wheat, ezekiel, or any other bread that you have on hand! Your brie will keep in the fridge if you plan ahead and so will the apples! If you pre slice your apples be sure to splash them with some lemon juice to avoid browning.

Avo-Burst: We all know about the classic avocado toast that seems to be running the nation, but here is an easy way to turn this classic up one notch. Using your choice of bread, layer the avocado on top either in slices, or mashed. Sprinkle a few pomegranate seeds over the the avocado (you can avoid slicing a pomegranate by purchasing the seeds in pre-packaged containers from your grocery store! These will last about a week when you shop ahead!) Finish off your toast with feta cheese for a salty-sweet twist!

Cream Cheese & Jelly No More: Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches were one of those meals your mom would pack you for lunch when she desperately needed to do a food shop. Now erase those memories from your mind, whip out your choice of bread, smear a bit of cream cheese over the top and then slice up from strawberries and raspberries for a new take on an old idea! Drizzle some honey over the top to make your berries pop!

Ants on a Log: Keeping with the theme of throwback recipes, remember those delicious ants on a log that you may have eaten as an after school snack? Using your choice of bread spread peanut butter or almond butter across the top. Lay out thinly sliced celery over top of the nut butter, and then sprinkle with raisins for a fresh take on an old favorite!

Breakfast Snack: Once again, get out your choice of bread and cover with cottage cheese, then top with sliced hard boiled eggs. Sprinkle your toast with salt, pepper, and paprika for an extra kick and enjoy!

Toast is an easy option for quick energy on the go! All of the ingredients in these recipes can be purchased and prepared in advance for a quick set up! Think about your favorite pre-workout snack ideas and get creative by working these into a new form like a toast, omelette or wrap!

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