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Martial Arts for Kids Who Don’t Thrive Among Team Sports

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Has your child tried team sports but never found one that truly fit their needs? Martial arts may be the answer to what your child has been seeking all along. The martial arts combine individualized instruction among a close knit community of supportive peers. This provides the perfect balance of team oriented socialization for a child who prefers to set and achieve goals at their own pace, without the pressure of letting teammates down.

Self-Paced Achievements

Martial arts students will be taught in a group setting, allowing students to make new friends and practice with partners. However, after class is over it will be up to the student’s personal motivation to practice at home and set personal goals. Students within the same classes will be at similar levels, however they have the freedom to learn at their own paces. Those who need more time have the opportunity to take that extra time to reach their goals, while students who learn quickly are able to do that without being held back by peers. At the end of the day, no matter what speed your child learns, they will be able to take sole responsibility for achieving their martial arts goals!

Making Friends in an Inclusive Environment

Since all martial arts students are free to learn and move about the programs at their own paces, the inclusivity among students is welcoming and fun! Your child won’t have to worry about overly competitive peers because everyone will be working at their own personal goals. Instead of fearing that they will miss a goal in soccer and let an entire team down, your child only has to worry about their own progression. Having an off day, as all people have, isn’t the end of the world because your child can use time outside of class to practice at their own convenience.

Life Lessons Beyond the Mat

The individualized nature of martial arts teaches disciplines in areas that will help your child beyond the mat. Goal setting and hard work will allow your child to understand that not all feats come from instant gratification. Achieving a goal in martial arts can take weeks, to months, or years. Mastering a kick may take a week, while earning the next belt rank may take months, and earning the black belt that your child has been eyeing can take years. With this diligence and hard work your child will see that these same skills of studying and practicing can help them ace a math test, master a new song on the piano, etc.


The martial arts may not be team affiliated by nature, however, your child won’t be lacking the close knit community that comes with being on a team. Special events for holidays, birthday parties, group classes, and community outreach programs allow for all students to thoroughly feel as a unit. While everyone is working on individual goals, students are still being taught the same core values of respect which makes friendship easily fostered.

If you and your child have been searching for the right extracurricular activity, but you both still have yet to find something that your child has true passion in, give martial arts a try! You’ll find that there is a place for everyone to learn and grow here!

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