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  • The Diet To Exercise Ratio For Peak Performance! - Part One

    Balance Is Key!
    How many times have you completed a great training session, just to sit down to dinner and eat a huge gooey cheeseburger? It’s likely that we all have, and hey, everyone needs a “diet-cheat!” Poor quality of health does not come from allowing yourself to splurge every once in awhile, it comes from lack of balance! Maintaining a good diet to exercise ratio is the foundation of living a healthy lifestyle! What You Eat
    Sometimes when we hear the word “diet,” negative words like “restriction” or “fasting” begin to flood our minds when actually, the term in its most basic form simply means “the types of foods a ....

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  • The Diet To Exercise Ratio For Peak Performance! - Part Two

    Healthy Eating for Training
    As discussed in part one, the balance between diet and exercise is absolutely essential to a healthy lifestyle! Consuming a variety of nutrients before and after a workout greatly impacts the quality of your session and affects your fitness goals. Listed below are some benefits of healthy eating on exercise performance! Benefits of a Healthy Diet to Exercise Ratio 1. Water - Replaces water that’s lost during exercise, prevents overheating, and helps carry oxygen to the heart and muscles that you’re working out. 2. Protein - Allows for growth and repair of muscles. 3. Vitamins and Minerals - Provides for added energy and muscle contraction. ....

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  • Kickbox Your Way To Better Health With Muay Thai!

    A Brief History Muay Thai is frequently referred to as the “art of eight limbs” based on the allowance of using shins, elbows, knees, and hands to defeat an opponent. This is unlike the usual two to four points of contact that are typically used in other arts. This popular method of kickboxing was procured from Thailand and remains a dominant practice today. Aside from the effortless application of the art across various other martial arts practices, this form of kickboxing is especially popular due to the admittance of clinch work. Clinch Work contains several techniques like underhooks , pinch gripping, and trapping that can be used to quickly overpower a challenger. ....

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  • Improved Reaction Time = Improved Technique

    Reaction Time Explained Do you remember the last time you were training with a partner and they sent you a kick so fast that you didn’t have time to block it? You probably didn’t miss the block because you weren’t paying attention, but instead because your reaction time was too slow. Reaction time is the amount of time that it takes for someone to respond to any physical energy. For example, how long it takes you to perform a technique against an attacker. There are two components that determine reaction time- predetermined performance and game performance. Knowing in advance that you’ll have to respond to a certain stimuli allows for preparation. ....

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  • Thought Exercises For the Modern Martial Artist

    A training method that is often neglected by modern martial artists is meditation or thought exercises. As modern day martial artists
    , we often focus solely on the physical aspects of our training and neglect the training for our mind. It is just as important for us to sharpen our minds as it is to work on our physical training. "Inner mental technique is more important than the physical one: - Gichin Funakoshi Sensei Training only the body over the mind
    can be detrimental and ultimately hold you back from reaching your true potential in your martial arts journey. Most, if not all, high-level instructors of any style within the martial arts preach mind, body and soul, and there ....

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  • Pre Martial Arts Energy Via Toast!

    Are you on the run between work, picking up the kids and getting to your martial arts class? It can be hard to fit in an energy packed meal when you’re constantly traveling between activities, especially if you don’t have time to stop at the grocery store to pick up ingredients for fresh meals! Did you know that you can get all of the energy and protein you need for that quick boost before class from quick and unique toast recipes that uses ingredients that you can prepare ahead and keep on hand? We’ll list a few options below so that you can start digging into these delicious and nutritious snack ideas! Quick Tip:
    If your family doesn’t go through bread quickly ....

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  • Keeping a Martial Arts Training Book

    We all have different methods of learning. Some of us learn by repeating a new skill over and over, by listening to the instructor explain a technique, and some by watching it actually being applied. Yet, how can you actively strive to do better, if you aren’t keeping track of your progress or goals? One of the best ways to keep track of techniques, retain knowledge and work on improvement in your martial arts journey is by keeping a journal. A training journal allows you to:

    Set and track goals and achievements
    Create a personal resource guide
    Have a written and physical copy of training methods and techniques
    Retain what you are taught Tracking Technique
    Using a journal ....

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  • Sample Diet For The Martial Artist

    Putting together a solid diet to keep you lean and strong, without losing essential calories for energy can be tough. You don’t want to skip important meals that will keep your body properly fueled. Yet, you also don’t want to overeat to the point where you feel sluggish or put on unnecessary pounds that will only slow you down physically. As a martial artist, you need to find the perfect balance of food that will speed up your metabolism, build muscle and help you feel energized. With the sample diet we’ve provided, you should be able to meet all these goals and be physically at your best! When following this sample diet, you want to think about these rules: ....

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  • Martial Arts for Kids Who Don’t Thrive Among Team Sports

    Has your child tried team sports but never found one that truly fit their needs? Martial arts may be the answer to what your child has been seeking all along. The martial arts combine individualized instruction among a close knit community of supportive peers. This provides the perfect balance of team oriented socialization for a child who prefers to set and achieve goals at their own pace, without the pressure of letting teammates down. Self-Paced Achievements
    Martial arts students will be taught in a group setting, allowing students to make new friends and practice with partners. However, after class is over it will be up to the student’s personal motivation to practice at ....

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  • Importance of Live Training

    The reality of combat is chaos and unpredictability, whether it’s in a sport setting or in self-defense. Everything from the environment, physical conditions, emotions and even clothing changes the dynamic of a situation. Gaining the building blocks of technique through controlled training while important, will never refine the skills needed for actual combat and application. Sports vs. Self-Defense:
    In sport based combat, everything varies from style, system, focus and sport. In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ground based technique is broken into gi and no-gi and even subsections of submission only and timed rounds. While something like Judo, focuses mainly on throws from the stand up. The ....

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