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Mixed Martial Arts Classes Enrolling In October

You'll be in Great Hands With the Most Dedicated Mixed Martial Arts Instructors in Chicago!

Beginners and advanced students can develop lightning-quick reflexes, powerful strikes, strategic blocks and lock-tight holds using Degerberg's legendary MMA Training.

Degerberg Academy's Mixed Martial Arts class is a customized blend of Martial Arts training that incorporates some 300 fighting styles from all over the world.

Learn to defend yourself during Degerberg Academy's MMA Classes in Chicago!

Having MANY techniques in your arsenal allows you to handle any situation you encounter, and well as gain the mental discipline and physical fitness you'll need to reach your goals.

Our cross-trained, award-winning Degerberg Academy MMA instructors will guide you through your lessons in a positive, encouraging atmosphere that delivers the results you expect.

In fact, at The Degerberg Academy you'll experience a genuine, close-knit relationship with caring instructors who climb mountains to help you reach your goals. It's ôtotal family careö from classes and workshops to seminars and individualized instruction.

If you're ready to look great, feel confident, and be fierce, ACT NOW and Receive 1 Month Free with your Regular Membership!

Just input your contact information ... or call us at 773-728-5300 to FIND OUT MORE about Degerberg Academy MMA!

Benefits of Chicago mixed martial arts

  • You'll build strength
  • Reduce stress
  • Become empowered
  • Achieve new goals
  • Make new friends
  • AND, have loads of fun!

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