Sample Training Regime for Martial Artists

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In unison with the sample diet we have provided for martial artists, we’d also like to provide a workout plan that can work along with it. 


Since everyone’s physical abilities, time, energy and access to equipment is different, you can repurpose these plans in any way you need, in order to meet your goals and fit within your personal limits. However, following the format and routines we have provided below will provide you with the best results.


Below is a daily schedule that you can utilize as your workout routine. The steps are is broken into columns: one for the type of training and another for your dietary needs for the day.


Training Diet

Monday/Tuesday: Depletion Workout   Low-carb/low-calorie

Wednesday/Thursday: Cardio Low-carb/low-calorie

Friday: High intensity in AM             Begin carb-load

Saturday: Power workout Diet variable

Sunday: No training/cardio             Diet variable


Below are the workout routines for the schedule provided above, with exercises for each day that you can follow and perform.


Each day is broken into a series of exercises with the coinciding sets and repetitions.

For example, on Monday the first exercise is Leg Press, which is performed for 3 sets, each with  15 repetitions for the Depletion Workout.


Depletion Workout

Monday Tuesday

Leg press: 3X15 Leg press: 3X15

Leg curl: 3X15 Leg curl: 3X15

Chest press: 3X15 Incline bench: 3X15

Row: 3X15 Pulldown: 3X15

Lateral raise: 2-3X15            Lateral raise: 2-3X15

Calf raise: 3X15 Calf raise: 3X15

Biceps curl: 2X15 Biceps curl: 2X15

Triceps pushdown: 2X15 Triceps Pushdown: 2X15

(Repeat Twice) (Repeat Twice)


For the Power Workout, each exercise is broken into different parts that will be unique to your physical capabilities and personal preference.


The workout is formatted to choose one exercise and perform the amount of reps provided and rest for the allotted time.


For example, if I chose A1. Squat or Deadlift, you would perform 2 to 3 sets of the exercise for 3-6 repetitions, followed by a 2 minute rest period.


Power Workout 

Choose 1 Exercise From Each Letter:

Exercise (Sets-Reps-Rest Period)

A1. Squat or deadlift: 2-3 3-6 2 minutes

A2. Calf raise 2-3 3-6 2 minutes

B1. Flat bench 2-3 3-6 2 minutes

B2. Bent over row 2-3 3-6 2 minutes

C1. Incline bench 1-3 3-6 2 minutes

C2. Pulldown or chin 1-3 3-6 2 minutes

D. Front squat or leg press 1-3 3-6 3 minutes

E1. Shoulder press 2-3 3-6 2 minutes

E2. Rear lateral 2-3 3-6 2 minutes

F1. Barbell curl 1-2 3-6 2 minutes

F2. Close grip bench 1-2 3-6 2 minutes


If you do not want to follow the workout or routines above, you can also try an alternative workout and diet routine than what we have provided below.


Alternative Workout and Diet Routine


Chest: 6-8 sets of 12-15

Shoulders: 4-6 sets of 12-15  

Triceps: 4 sets of 12-15 

With intense cardio

Diet: Maintenance calories or 10-25% below regular intake


Quads: 6-8 sets of 12-15

Hamstrings: 4-6 sets of 12-15  

Calves: 6-8 sets of 12-15 

Back: 6-8 sets of 12-15

Biceps: 4 sets of 12-15

Light cardio

Diet: Maintenance calories or 10-25% below regular intake


Cardio; 30-40 minutes

Diet: Maintenance calories


AM: Cardio: 30-40 minutes

PM: High intensity workout

Diet: Maintenance calories

Friday: No training 

Diet: Carb Load

Saturday: Power workout 

Diet: Maintenance calories

Sunday: No training

Diet: Maintenance calories


We hope the routines and dietary advice we’ve provided help with your martial arts training. Remember, these routines and dietary rules do not have to be followed exactly and can be modified to work best for you! These are only suggestions to help better organize and maintain your current routines and lifestyles!

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